Our Valued Clients

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Business Meeting

Law Firms

We work closely with law firms worldwide to gather the evidence needed for litigation. Attorneys looking for experts who can deliver in testimony at deposition, hearings or trial often call on us to do so on complex matters. Law firms large and small rely on us to guide them through the complexities of eDiscovery and digital forensics issues along with strategy on complex investigations. Our professional backgrounds have given attorneys confidence to call on us to work with clients as part of their team in high-stakes matters. 

College Campus

School Districts & Universities

We work closely with school districts, universities, their insurers and counsel to help resolve difficult issues they face on a regular basis. As former attorneys and investigators, we effectively and efficiently address issues and gather facts in Title IX investigations or employee misconduct matters for Universities and their counsel. Our investigators have years of experience conducting interviews and investigation both in the FBI and the private sector and receive regular training to remain in compliance with university and regulatory compliance.

Wall Street

Businesses Large & Small

From Fortune 500 clients to mom and pop shops, none are immune from litigation, theft of trade secrets or computer intrusions. We are able to deploy a scalable response to serve all sizes of businesses in a manner that resolves issues without hampering business operations. With our high-tech tools and experience, and given today's COVID environment, we are often able to assist businesses remotely and in a cost effective manner.